Internet of Things (IoT) Cloud Research as an MQTT Broker to facilitate the transfer of data to and from connected devices in an efficient, fast, and reliable way. Supporting a new era in digital business.

The I-OT.Net Team...

About Us

About the I-OT.Net Team

Research Group on AI and IoT Applications.

In the Era of Industry 5.0 and Society 5.0, speed, accuracy, and intelligence assume crucial roles in the decision-making process. Collaborating with the full potential that we possess, particularly in the domains of Information Technology, the Internet of Things (IoT), Networks, Control, and Intelligent Systems, enables their widespread application across all facets of life.


Research Products...

IoT & AI Developer


iMCLab Kits


  • Internet-Based MCLab

    PID, AI, and IoT-based DC Motor Control Kit. Suitable for researcher, Lecturers, Electronics and Informatics Students, Vocational School Teachers and Students. This kit can be used for Learning: IoT, System Dynamics, Control, AI, Arduino, Python Programming, etc.


iTCLab Kits


  • Internet-Based TCLab

    PID, AI, and IoT-based Temperature Control Kit. Suitable for researcher, Lecturers, Electronics and Informatics Students, Vocational School Teachers and Students. This kit can be used for Learning: IoT, System Dynamics, Control, AI, Arduino, Python Programming, etc.


Smart Farming


  • Smart Farming Package

    An Internet of Things (IoT) based solution for monitoring and controlling soil quality, pH, temperature, humidity, and other essential parameters in agriculture. It is crucial to conduct agriculture in a modern and intelligent manner.

Robotics Developer...

Robotics Developer

CE Robot


  • Craft Enterprise Robot

    The beautiful Craft Enterprise Robot (CER) is designed to navigate and avoid obstacles in its surroundings. It comprises three key components: ultrasonic sensors for input, an Arduino Uno R3 for control, and DC motors for actuation.



  • Kinect Robot

    The robot features a Kinect Xbox 360 camera and employs OpenCV's Deep Neural Network (DNN) for object recognition. The control hub is the NodeMCU V3 microcontroller, powered by the ESP8266 chip, enabling cloud-based Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity.


Smart Robots


  • Smart Robot Package

    The Surveillance Smart Robot equipped with software for object recognition using Deep Learning in real time. Combined Python and Arduino Programming Languages via serial communication. Robot Package does not include Laptop.

AI and IT Books Writing...

AI and IT Books

Fuzzy and ANN Programming


Smart Robot Programming


Deep Learning Programming


MQTT Broker

















AI & IoT Workshops...

AI & IoT Workshops

Explore the cutting-edge realms of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) through our dynamic and immersive workshops. Designed for professionals, students, and enthusiasts alike, our workshops delve into the transformative power of AI and IoT technologies. Discover how AI-driven insights are revolutionizing industries and unlocking new possibilities, while exploring the intricate interconnectivity that IoT brings to everyday objects and environments. Led by industry experts, our workshops offer hands-on experiences, practical case studies, and interactive sessions that equip participants with a deep understanding of AI algorithms, IoT architecture, and real-world applications.

Arduino and Python Workshops...

Arduino and Python Workshops

Embark on a journey into the world of creativity and technology with our Arduino and Python workshops. These workshops are designed to empower individuals of all skill levels, from beginners to tech enthusiasts, with the tools and knowledge needed to bring their innovative ideas to life. Dive into the realm of Arduino, a versatile microcontroller platform, and learn how to design interactive and intelligent projects that bridge the physical and digital worlds. Through hands-on exercises and engaging tutorials, you'll master the fundamentals of Python programming, a language renowned for its simplicity and versatility. Join us to unlock the potential of Arduino and Python, and open doors to a realm where your imagination knows no bounds.

ITS-AI International Certification...

ITS-AI International Certification

The International IT Specialist Artificial Intelligence Certification Program offers candidates a significant avenue to substantiate their fundamental competencies in the realm of ITS-AI, a skill set held in high regard by employers across industries. Tailored for individuals gearing up for a rewarding journey in the information technology sector, with a specific focus on the dynamic field of AI, this program holds remarkable prospects. A result of the collaborative synergy between B One Corporation and Certiport it symbolizes a concerted effort to provide a remarkable learning opportunity.